My 1930s Projects


1936 BSA R5 Empire Star and Q8 Empire Star


I am restoring both a BSA R5 Empire Star and a BSA Q8 Empire Star from 1936. These models have the same rolling chassis. The Empire Star was the top model of the range and was presented in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the crowning of HRH King George V. I originally found the R5 in the UK. Through the internet I found a guy who was restoring a Q8 model. We exhanged a lot of information required for restoration. In the end personal cimcumstances prevented him from finishing his Q8 and it is now in my possession.

1936 BSA R19 Competition


Recently I bought a new and special restoration project. A very rare BSA of 1936: the R19 Competition. After some research it turned out that about 100 of these bikes were ever produced. The R19 is based on the so called high camshaft models R4 and B3, which were produced for only two years (1935 and 1936). The first one I found was very incomplete with a lot of parts are missing. Restoring that bike would be be a very long and painstaking process. This is a picture of the bike as I bought it. Recently I found another one in the Uk which was in one family from 1937 up until 2010. The original owner bought I in 1937 and owned it untilhis death in 1997. His grandson took over and reluctantly sold it to me in 2010. It came complete with all the documents, medals, riging gear and other history. On Youtube is movie of the first start after 60 years. I have not restored it and I don't think I will. I only exchanged the magneto and it runs perfectly.

1940 BSA C11


A few years ago I saw a pre war BSA C11 on Ebay and the bidding was slow. I decided to put in a chance bid and somehow I got it. It is a nice honest bike that has had a hard life. When I took it apart for a technical inspection I could see a lot of wear. It still had the original wiring but the rubber sleeving was too far gone to keep it. I rewired it and did some other tweaking and it ran perfectly.

1922 BSA H2


Although strictly speaking not a 1930s BSA, it is the oldest bike in my collection. It is another Ebay purchase but in the early days of Ebay. It was incomplete and it is quite difficult to find the missing bits. But slowly I am getting there. I already found the original BSA carburettor, the rear brake pedal, the rear brake and gear link rods and som small bits and pieces. I am looking for the foot boards, carburettor levers (BSA pattern), inverted levers (I know I can get pattern ones), front brake parts, WHY? Parts for this bike are very welcome you can e-mail me on: